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Our in-house press publishes books, graphic novels and other sequential works. We promote authentic and original voices — both from artist and author. Please contact us for more information.


The Pipers

science fiction from THE PAST

A full-color, 92 page, hardcover graphic novel adaptation of a science fiction story by Philip K. Dick from the 1950s. Following a successful Kickstarter in January, the book will be for sale in our online store in the Summer of 2019.



climate control

Pudding and Pop live in an environment that we might call familiar, yet unknown. Funny that they would say the same thing about us humans. So how will their world withstand global climate change? Guess you’ll just have to read it.


The Blow

it starts with you

The Blow is a short-story from one of our favorite authors working within Magic Realism. It may be about the cycle of disempowerment and its pervasive, perverse, palpable nature… or not. You choose, or choose not to see it.