The Foundry

Hand-written fonts that don't suck.

We set out to create fonts to use in our projects and yet again learned how difficult it can be to make a font that isn't fugly. Disclaimer: these fonts don't always look amazing in giant sizes, or sharp in every scenario, like you'd expect from a $4,000 font. But damnit, we like 'em. We made them free (or pay-what-you-want) for artists & makers.


reading glasses on

Eke Sans is our go-to font for long text articles, magazines, graphic novels and the like… it’s been used by Illustoria Magazine, Hughton Press and the world-renowned Mascot Press in the fated 2019 publication of The Pipers.


Robots will save us

Beemo… well you all know and love the real Beemo. Yeah, we ripped off the name because it fit, and we really aren’t selling you anything here. Except we’re selling you on loving BEEMO, in all it’s simple glory to save any comic gone bad.


touch noses eating pasta

Linguini is our most romantic font, which isn’t saying much. But still, we feel it will do the trick when the candlelight just isn’t enough. Use it on menus, bookmarks, name tags and cards to your grandmama. Actually, we’re not that invested.



We encourage anyone to use these fonts in professional settings free of charge with attribution. For professional publications, please contact us for more information. We only charge a small flat fee for print runs over 400 copies.